Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have been researching online since i am mixing micas, ultramarines, oxides, etc to create new colors. As i was googling i came across many blogs that mention lime crime and other companies that repackage. That triggered me to think about some colors i have purchased from different companies that are the same. When i received them i noticed they were similar or the same, but didn't really think about it. These are just two examples: beauty from the earth and glamour doll eyes. So Fantasy (this particular color is no longer available) from BFTE and dinospotz from GDE look similar and isis from BFTE and lovers lane from GDE look the similar (swatches down below).

Then i went back to the websites to see if anything was mentioned and on GDE there is an asterisk next to colors that say that it is an unblended pigment and to look at their FAQ to get a full description. Something that i did not pay attention to the first few times that i ordered. I have also seen many gurus on youtube praising the repackaged pigments. In the regular line not including the twi shadows 43/75 listings are repackaged. In the eyelights collection all but one are repackaged, which are probably just glitters from coastal scents. In the twi shadows collection only one is repackaged. On the BFTE website i could not find anywhere that mentioned anything about repackaging, of course it could be there i just didn't see it. After further googling they do admit to repacking and have removed most of the them. BFTE offers 32 repackaged colors. I tried to look at all the ones that have been created, but the repackaged colors appear on the breakdown of listings as well. I just went to both websites and looked for myself. All in all the GDE website is easier to navigate with respect to what is repackaged and what is not the BFTE site is a lot harder since the repackaged colors appear in all the listings not just the primary colors. If a company is going to offer repackaging it is only fair that they are clearly stated so that the custumer knows exactly what is being purchased. I will still buy from GDE, though i will only buy shadows that were created as i can purchase the repackaged ones on my own for way cheaper. I will probably continue to buy from BFTE in the future though i will be more leery as i have to cross reference the primary colors section. They do offer way more colors that they have created as opposed to repackaged though. It would just be easier if they were clearly noted. As far as i have researched both companies have admitted to repackaging. I guess i was being naive when i purchased pigments thinking that all companies offered a unique product. I don't understand how a company can just take an unblended pigment and call it their own. It's not their creation, even if they are putting in "filler," so why put a company label on it and say its your color...i just don't think it is right, but that is just me.

These are dry swatches: Fantasy BFTE, DinoSpotz GDE and Chameleon fine TKB

These are dry swatches: Isis BFTE, Lovers Lane GDE and Crucible Red TKB

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stuff i'm working on

Okay so i was recently laid off and i am having a hard time finding a new job so since i love make-up why not start my own company? I have been fiddling around with making my own pigments so after much research i decided i am going to sell eyeshadows. I have created about 45 different eyeshadows so far. I am hopefully less than a month away from unveiling my store. I have a name for my company in mind just trying to make sure it sounds decent.