Saturday, December 12, 2009

E.L.F. Mineral Lipsticks

I recently purchased some mineral lipsticks, eight in all. I already had a few so i decided to get more. Some of the colors are more sheer than others, but most are pretty pigmented and moisturizing. The ones that are sheer are pigmented they are just sheerer if that makes any sense. Each lipstick is $5, which is a bargain to me. I tend to stay away form really nude colors and i usually purchase colors in the red family, but most of these are pinkish.

L to R: rosy raisin, rosy tan, cool coral and cheerful cherry.

L to R: rustic brick, bare brown, fiery fuchsia and ripe rose.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Swatches Galore

I will be posting swatches in this post and i will update periodically. ALL swatches are left to right

GDE (dry on top wet on bottom): cloud coverage, dinospotz, and oddity.

GDE Fall LE set: Bobbin' for apples, fallin' for you, slouchy boots and good-bye summer.

BFTE: 1939, vamp, big ego and casablanca nights.

BFTE (the following are all dry)1st row: blue bird, peacock and stealth. 2nd row: cold shoulder, gem and purple iris. 3rd row: black, red river, hollywood secrets and gable.

BFTE (the following are all dry)1st row: Rockstar, Copper and sweet nibblets. 2nd row: nebula, envy, black cherry and illusion. 3rd row: chocolate, autumn and tangerine.

BFTE (the following are all dry): oak, spellbound and Pegasus.

Suds-n-sass(dry on top wet on bottom L to R): antique gold, blackened emerald, blackened gold and blackened sapphire.

These three pictures are from the creative me #1 palette they start at cm01-cm12 and they are all dry swatches.

L to R top row: treasure, swindle and heist. L to R bottom row: antiquity, triple strand, solitaire and bauble.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: E.L.F. liquid liners

Left to right: Midnight, Plum, stardust, ash, cooper, silver and black.

Each of the liquid liners are $1 each. Yes you heard right. I like these liners though they do not last all day as i would like them too, but i think its just my oily lids. Even Waterproof stuff tends to not last all day. I like them because they have a very wide of colors, there is one to please everyone. My favorites are plum and silver. They have 9 different colors to chose from. Not many companies make many colors in the liquid variety and if they do they can get pretty costly. For a lot of bang for your buck you can get plum to stardust. They are great if you are learning how to use liquid liner. If your not that great at it your only out a buck. That's my two cents. Go visit
Until next time,

Left to right: Midnight, Plum, stardust, ash, cooper, silver and black.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review: E.L.F. Lip Stain

I recently purchased four of the E.L.F. lip stains. Every time they have something new i must purchase it. I have a very big E.L.F. collection that keeps growing. I am very impressed with their selection of products and how affordable their products are. Even if you are on a budget you can afford to spoil yourself with their products. I discovered them on you tube and i immediately went to the site and made a purchase and then another and then another. On average since i discovered E.L.F. i have ordered about every two weeks or so. In fact i am dying to order the face primer and i have not purchased anything new in about three weeks and i must remedy this soon. I will most definitely be purchasing it before the end of the month. So back to the point of this post and that is to review the lip stain. The lip stain is from the studio collection, which i love, The lip stains are not like you typical lip stains they are creamier in texture unlike the benetint or tarte lip and cheek stains. The later are watery and i find i don't get the payoff i would like unless i layer and re-layer. The E.L.F. lip stain is only for your lips unlike the benetint. They come with the tint on one side and a gloss on the other. You apply by putting on the tint side and letting it dry, it dries to a matte finish, then you apply the gloss and you are set. It didn't last all day i did have to reapply, but that is typical with most lipsticks. To me it is sort of like a long wearing lipstick as far as texture and presentation, revlon has a long wearing lipstick with color on one side and gloss on the other. Most long wearing lipsticks are very drying even if they have gloss to put over them. I like the E.L.F. lip stain because it doesn't dry out my lips, it has good color payoff, they are affordable and just plain great.

Left to right: Mysterious (a nude pink brown), Lucky Lady (a mauve pink), Heartbreaker (a nude pink) and red carpet (a red).

same order as above Left to right: Mysterious, Luck Lady, Heartbreaker and red carpet.
You can purchase these and many more items at so go on over and check it out. Let me know what you think of any of their products and if you would like to see a review of anything else from E.L.F.
Till next time,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pigment crazy: glamour doll eyes, beauty from the earth, suds-n-sass and calypso minerals

I recently purchased pigments from various companies. First from i purchased the limited edition Halloween shadow set, which includes killer ego, monster mash, urban trash and oranage crush (which has now been renamed jailhouse jumpsuit). The first two were limited edition and no longer available. The other two are part of the permanent collection so you can still get them. I also purchased samples of glow stick, which is an eye light, melancholy, lovers lane and trophy wife. for some reason the pictures of the glamourdolleyes pigments keep saying there is an error i already re-uploaded once i will try to have this fixed soon.

LE Halloween set left to right: monster mash, jailhouse jumpsuit, killer ego, and urban trash. Dry on the top and with water on the bottom.

Left to right(top dry, bottom with water):glow stick, melancholy, lovers lane and trophy wife.

Second i purchased some shadows from I have been wanting to purchase shadows from them for awhile and i happened to notice that they have a color of the week so that is how i got hooked. $2 for a full size jar, that is a good deal.

Left to right(top dry, bottom with water): Isis, atomic teal, seduction and fantasy

Third i purchased some shadows from I purchased a cupcake soap and some shadows. Jack-o-lantern and witch's brew were limited edition and are no longer available. The store is currently closed. but will reopen soon so keep on checking. I will be ordering more as soon as she opens the store i want to try her soaps.

Left to right(top dry, bottom with water): blackened ruby, majestic purple, jack-o-lantern, spellbound and witch's brew.

And lastly i purchased some shadows from I have ordered from the site before and i was impressed by her pigments. When she released the fall matte stacker i wanted it, but could not afford it so i decided to purchase a few of them.

Left to right(top dry, bottom with water): blood orange, torrid and fetish

Left to right(top dry, bottom with water): Violent, livid and neon green

All the pigments are very good quality and very pigmented. The matte colors are more vibrant and easier to work with if wet, you can you water, visine, fix+, etc. The shipping varied, BFTE was the fastest. On all the sites they have their shipping info so read before you order. I hope this was helpful. I am still getting used to taking pictures i have to work with the setting so you can see the colors properly. Sorry if its spotty and such, you don't know how much work this is until you do it. Thanks for stopping by until next time.
video here:

First post

I recently decided i was going to start filming videos on youtube so naturally a blog must come next so here we are. I uploaded my first video last night. I still need to work on lighting and camera set-up, but for now i will do with what i have available. I will be posting reviews, hauls and eventually tutorials on youtube and this blog will serve as the secondary place to get more details. I am not a professional, but i have been playing with make-up since i was 14 years old. I may not always post about beauty i will include other stuff as well...whatever tickles my fancy.