Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't spend any money!!!!

So I have been unemployed for almost two months and have been on a "forced" no buy regime. Well sort of because i have cheated a few times, but nothing in excess. I am going to say, but this is hard quite a bit. As I am trying to start my own business most of my money has gone there. Cause let me tell you it is expensive. I have been debating asking my father for investment money not much only about $500 or so, but have not quite decided yet as he has many expenses as well. This is very hard for me with a few MAC collections, spring nail polish releases and the general i wants. It has not been easy to resist considering i do a lot of my shopping on-line. My dad tried to take my credit cards away, but i told him that was not necessary because i don't need them to do on-line shopping. As a way to relieve my shopping habit i have window shopped on-line. A little pathetic maybe, but its hard what can i say. I have gone on to my favorite sites and placed things in my cart, but i haven't checked out. The first thing i am going to do when i find a job is most likely go on a huge shopping spree. I have things lined up. It is very hard to only buy things that i need as opposed to wants. Since i can justify buying a mascara tube as a need when really it is a want because to be truthful i don't wear it on a normal basis and i have a whole bunch already that are unopened waiting to be used. But it is always tempting to try a new mascara and say it is a need item. Well eyeshadow is not a need for me i think have every color imaginable and plus i'm making the stuff myself so i guess i can stay away from that unless its a super special color. Pretty much i have kept make-up buying for the most part to essentials like foundation, primer and make-up remover wipes. I must confess that i did cheat a bit the other day when in my email inbox along with twitter and facebook i saw that Urban Decay is having their friends and family sale. Its 30% off that does not happen all the time so i went on the site telling myself to only put stuff in the cart with the intention of not actually checking out. Well that was a bust, i ended up ordering the setting spray for oily skin, the de-slick in a tube and three eyeshadows. So i was naughty, but its extremely hard not to shop when i used to all the time. I do have to remember i have no steady stream of income. Unemployment doesn't cover my bills so i need to not spend money on things that are not a necessity. So wish me luck on not shopping for wants!

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