Monday, May 17, 2010

Review: OPI Shrek Nail Polish Collection

When i heard about these a few weeks ago i was excited and looked for them everywhere. I shop online for my nail polish for the most part so as i went to my regular spot head2toe i did not find OPI anywhere as they had previously done so. After looking i finally found them on, but it did state they were liquidating their OPI stock. By the way the service at transdesign was awesome no problems and fast shipping. I went ahead and ordered the whole collection. Apparently there is some lawsuit or something, i'm not quite sure on the details as to why websites are no longer selling OPI. The collection consists of two green, two blues and two purples. One dark and one light. PIctures will be down below. I don't know if i am the only one, but i don't really see the color correlations for all of the characters. The ones that make sense to me are the green for Shrek and Fiona. The purple a little for Donkey, but i would have expected a more grey purple. The blue's don't make sense to me at all. I like the colors nonetheless. All the formulations are creams no shimmer anywhere to be seen. So far i have only tried one, the light blue shade, What's with the Cattitude? I found the formula to be really streaky. I have never had issues with other OPI polishes being streaky. I thought that after the second coat everything would clear up, but no. None of the swatches i saw on various blogs indicated that it would be streaky. I am disappointed that it is so streaky and I'm hoping that the rest won't be streaky. Only time will tell.

Left to Right: Who the Shrek Are You?, Fiercely Fiona, What's with the Cattitude?, Ogre-the Top Blues, Funky Donkey and Rumple's Wiggin.'

Please excuse the sloppiness this is What's with the Cattitude this is with seche vite..not sure if you can see the streakiness. All the pictures are two coats.

This is up close: What's with the Cattitude with seche vite

What's with the Cattitude no top coat here you can see the streaks.

Who the Shrek Are You? and Fiercely Fiona

What's with the Cattitude? and Ogre-the Top Blue

Funky Donkey and Rumple's Wiggin'

Disclaimer: This is solely my opinion and my experience with these products your experience can differ from mine. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above.

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