Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review: E.L.F. Lip Stain

I recently purchased four of the E.L.F. lip stains. Every time they have something new i must purchase it. I have a very big E.L.F. collection that keeps growing. I am very impressed with their selection of products and how affordable their products are. Even if you are on a budget you can afford to spoil yourself with their products. I discovered them on you tube and i immediately went to the site and made a purchase and then another and then another. On average since i discovered E.L.F. i have ordered about every two weeks or so. In fact i am dying to order the face primer and i have not purchased anything new in about three weeks and i must remedy this soon. I will most definitely be purchasing it before the end of the month. So back to the point of this post and that is to review the lip stain. The lip stain is from the studio collection, which i love, The lip stains are not like you typical lip stains they are creamier in texture unlike the benetint or tarte lip and cheek stains. The later are watery and i find i don't get the payoff i would like unless i layer and re-layer. The E.L.F. lip stain is only for your lips unlike the benetint. They come with the tint on one side and a gloss on the other. You apply by putting on the tint side and letting it dry, it dries to a matte finish, then you apply the gloss and you are set. It didn't last all day i did have to reapply, but that is typical with most lipsticks. To me it is sort of like a long wearing lipstick as far as texture and presentation, revlon has a long wearing lipstick with color on one side and gloss on the other. Most long wearing lipsticks are very drying even if they have gloss to put over them. I like the E.L.F. lip stain because it doesn't dry out my lips, it has good color payoff, they are affordable and just plain great.

Left to right: Mysterious (a nude pink brown), Lucky Lady (a mauve pink), Heartbreaker (a nude pink) and red carpet (a red).

same order as above Left to right: Mysterious, Luck Lady, Heartbreaker and red carpet.
You can purchase these and many more items at so go on over and check it out. Let me know what you think of any of their products and if you would like to see a review of anything else from E.L.F.
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